Puppy Warranty/Guarantee

   All puppies are warranted to be in good health, to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale.
   To validate our guarantee/replacement policy, the purchaser must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within Two (2) Business Days (M-F) and if the veterinarian certifies in writing that the puppy is physically unsound, the puppy and the written veterinarian's statement must be returned to me by the third business day from the date of the contract. The veterinarian examination is at the expense of the purchaser.  SHOULD YOU NEGLECT TO TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO A VETERINARIAN FOR AN EXAMINATION, YOU WILL ACCEPT IMMEDIATE AND FULL RESPONSIBLILITY FOR ITS HEALTH.  In the event a replacement is necessary due to the health of the puppy, we will replace immediately if puppies are available or replace with the next available puppy.  Refunds only with a written statement from a veterinarian stating that the cause of any health problems are from fault or neglect of breeder.  
   We will not refund any money or exchange any puppy for any problems or reasons not related to the health of the puppy such as: landlord-tenant issues; allergies; incompatibility or any other non-health related issues.  Under no circumstance shall we be obligated to any expense incured by purchaser for any reason whatsoever.
   We make no guarantees that purchaser will be able to show or breed this puppy.  We make no guarantee for the adult color, size or temperament of puppy. Although we worm and vaccinate and perform other preventative procedures on all of our dogs and puppies, we make no guarantees against coccidiosis, worms, fleas or any other common parasites.
   The above constitutes the entire guarantee/replacement/refund policy. There are no other oral or implied guarantees not contained in this agreement and are hereby excluded.